Food-grade shredded paper and why you need it

At The Cake Pod, we went to great lengths to find our food-grade shredded paper. When I was a professional baker I knew exactly what
I was after and not many were able to create a product that was up to my standards. This shred is magical and lush, furthermore, a kilo goes a long way. We post it in a small compact pack and start working the magic; massage, scrunch it and watch it volumise into ten times large. The result became quickly our pride and joy what’s more we have it in two different colours; natural and white.

Here are four reasons why we think you should use it:

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1. Presentation!
Whether it’s your cookie boxes or your gift hamper, you know that your products look better with shredded paper around them. It fills out the nooks and emphasises your gift/products. As mentioned earlier, a little goes a long way.

2. Safe travels
Instead of having your cookies sliding around in the box like Bambi on ice you can put some food-grade shredded paper in the container. Just like that, your cookies travel safely in their box.

3. No dust!
We do not want paper dust as an extra sprinkle on cakes or cupcakes, and we figured that you don’t either. This shred is food grade which means that the material is suitable to come in contact with food. In this situation, we can pack cookies directly in the food-grade shredded paper without wrapping them in plastic first.

4. Stocking Filler! We all love Christmas and we all want to fill up those cute little hanging stockings to make them feel big, look full and simply be inviting to the eyes!

Whether it’s Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Halloween or any memorable occasion our shred will simply fill up your boxes to give an illusion of fullness, and value for money and trust me your customers will notice that extra touch you’ve put in on the presentation and we all know everyone loves beautiful packaging. I know it gives me a kick!!! It’s the first thing I notice. And speaking of Christmas I can’t believe it’s around the corner! September already! It’s time to stock up and think ahead, don’t miss out on this awesome shred and it’s going to be your packaging’s new best friend!

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