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Wholesale bakery packaging supplier Australia – About Us

I am Sandra and I have had a passion for baking since a very young age, watching and helping my Nonna (Grandmother) and beautiful Mum baking many wonderful sweets and teaching me how to put love into food. I have relived their recipes throughout my life and now sharing with my own family.

After working in the corporate world and then becoming a mother, I wanted to spend more time at home raising my family, I started a small cake business (Cake Savvy) this was very rewarding and i was busy creating all occasion cakes and cupcakes, I had many ​opportunities to sell at the local markets.

Furthering the dream

I rebranded to the Cake Pod in 2012.  I adored baking and built a strong clientele which included many large Corporate clients covering South East Queensland. I wanted to showcase my creations by making the presentation part of my baking experience.

I then pursued a dream of being a supplier of Cake packaging. I started off with Cake Boards and I have now grown The Cake Pod into a family business. We are constantly providing new products that are of a quality and standard that gives the cake decorator assurance in presenting their creations.

The Cake Pod invariably is always thinking of new products to bring to you, regularly following trends and working towards what is best for our clients.

Having a high-profile customer service career, it is only natural that I believe in providing good old fashion service, and I love to share in my experience, knowledge and understanding to help new or existing customers.

I am passionate about cakes ( and l love talking cakes). I want to continue in providing the best packaging and be part of our wonderful cake decorators achieve the same success with presentation.

All of this gives me inspiration to help others whether they are just starting out or want that new product. Presentation is a very large part of showcasing your business.