Let’s talk about the clear cylinder cake box!

I knew The Cake Pod needed to offer the clear cylinder cake boxes as soon as I saw them for the first time over a year ago. To me, presentation is everything, which is not surprising considering I own a wholesale cake and cookie box business. It’s usually also a part of a cake maker’s business to offer attractive packaging. Our customers tend to love beautifully displayed cakes that enhance the celebration with a cake experience.

You see, before selling cake and cookie boxes wholesale, I used to make cakes for a living. After becoming a mother, I wanted to spend more time at home raising my family. I started a small cake business and it was very rewarding. I was busy creating all occasion cakes and cupcakes and even sold them at the local markets.

clear cylinder cake box

So, of course, I could imagine myself handing over a cake to a customer in this clear cylinder box that offers a 360-degree viewing window. Jaws will be dropped. The manufacturer organised for a sample to be sent to me and it was so much better than I thought.

Cylinder cake box in detail.

The box consists of three parts; a clear cylinder that is protected by a film you peel off on both sides prior to use. The sturdy base doesn’t melt away and has a lid to protect it from flies and dust. The cake box is effective for cake transport, or just keeping in the fridge until the big reveal. It’s super easy to put together too! If you’re curious about how you assemble it, check out this post on Instagram.

These stunning clear cylinder cake boxes come in three sizes, in packs of 5, and are very much loved by our customers. In fact, there have been occasions when they sell out before they have been unloaded.

Our next top-up of stock is in soon, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements on products arriving at The Cake Pod.